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Digital Solutions for Multicultural Markets

Our Focus Areas: Digital and social media content planning and execution, Email Marketing, Web/Social Analytics, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Web Design & Development, UX &UI consulting, Webinar Management.

Digital & Social Media Marketing



We work closely with clients in developing a digital and social media marketing roadmap which includes content planning and creation, advising on paid and earned media, SEO efforts, email marketing, marketing automation and analytics and most importantly driving engagement and ROI through organic and paid social media.

Email Marketing

We follow a 3-pronged approach of  ‘Awareness – Attraction – Conversion’ for our email marketing initiatives.

We manage both the strategic and tactical elements of email marketing by helping clients select their target market, develop the ideal audience profile and design email templates and landing pages for communication. We also manage all operational necessities like account set-up, CRM integration, Google analytics integration etc. Timely guidance on campaign optimization, bundled with a robust follow up plan to convert leads generated into prospects, is what makes us indispensable to our clientele.

Marketing Analytics & Data Visualization



We help clients develop dashboards and models to visualize and study their sales and marketing data. We also help clients develop sales goals and revenue projections.

We use advanced marketing analytics tools and reporting resources to develop user insights that can be used to optimize campaign performance and improve ROI and acquisition costs for clients.

Web Social & Email Analytics



We use a mix of free, in-app, and paid analytics tools and resources to develop invaluable consumer insights and establish behavioral trends across web and social media platforms.

We also guide our clients on how they could improve brand awareness and consumer engagement by acting on these insights.

Webinar Management



We specialize in end-to-end webinar management, right from conceptualization, generating attendance, promoting the webinar and executing it.

We do all the heavy lifting for our clients, so they can focus on what’s most important to them, engaging with their customers.